ALBUM: Between The Buried And Me – Coma Ecliptic

Release Date: July 10th 2015
Label: Metal Blade Records


With a seemingly bottomless well of ideas and fearless devotion to everything avant-garde, Between The Buried And Me‘s genre juggling ambition has always been a head turning delight, especially in a time of overwhelming regurgitative laziness. Even having said this however, ‘Coma Ecliptic‘s ability to blend quintessential prog-rock and modern metallic bluster results in a musical journey that is often implausibly potent, delivering across seventy minutes a sustained barrage of ears agog moments:

From the bursting rock-opera theatrics of ‘Node’ forwards, the band veer between Dream Theater like virtuosity (‘Memory Palace’), psychedelic dizziness (‘Dim Ignition’) and carnival-bizarre antics (‘The Ectopic Stroll’), the album a frequently daring and constantly thrilling example of effortless versatility and songwriting suss. Everything explodes with colour, the assemble performances of ringleader Tommy Rogers and the six string histronics of duo Paul Waggoner and Dustie Waring combining for a utterly immersive experience, and most crucially of all pulling from a blur of directions yet remaining unmistakably BTBAM.

‘Coma Ecliptic’ is a sprawling prog-metal feast, ingenious both in its concept and execution, and acts as iron-clad assertion that BTBAM remain as creatively fertile as they have ever been, nearly sixteen years into their impeccable career.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)