ALBUM: Before Their Eyes – Redemption

Release Date: March 26th, 2012
Label: InVogue Records


Post-hardcore quintet Before Their Eyes offer album number four to an already dangerously oversaturated genre. Like pop-punk bands starting up today, you have to offer something pretty damn good to be noticed now-a-days. An unfortunate fact, I know, but it also forces bands to forever push their limits and on occassion come up with something spectacular.

Maybe my ears are just being cynical and untrusting, but I swear that vocalist Nicholas Moore has vocals just to clean to be true and have been auto-tuned. They are so god damn Americanised, they’re on level with Yellowcard‘s Ryan Key. Just take a listen to songs like ‘Find’ and shivers will be sent up your spine the second his whiney voice starts licking at your ear. Nicholas‘ screams, however, make up for this tenfold on songs like ‘Redemption’, where he effortlessly cuts through the verses to a meaty breakdown. They may not be the most brutal growls around, but they are pretty good none the less.

As far as post-hardcore goes, it ticks all the right boxes: you have your chunky break downs, your infectious choruses and manufactured effects put over the top to appeal to the kids. This is a slightly above average album for the genre, but there’s nothing wrong with being average at all. With nearly all post-hardcore bands, there’s a decent level of talent involved and BTE easily meet the standards. The structure of their songs may not be the most original, but they do it well.

No doubt they will be supporting a more established band in a town near you soon, so give them a listen before you go, because support bands need all the support they can get.

Written by Andrew Roberts