ALBUM: Beans On Toast – Trying To Tell The Truth

Release Date: December 1st, 2011
Label: Xtra Mile Recordings


With Christmas around the corner, my whimsy tolerance levels are at an all time low. To be honest, most of the year I have all the wonder of a parking ticket. So, when I got given this album by a guy called Beans On Toast, I wasn’t expecting to be bowled over. Listening to it, the opening track was about buying new shoes, I thought “For Christ’s sake! I am in no mood to hear your cute, quirky lyrics and southern voice. Piss off.” But, as always, I was too quick to judge.

As I listened on, I realised that Beans On Toast is far more than your average dick with a guitar, he genuinely has something worthwhile to say. Take ‘People Keep Making People’; a tuneful message about the grossly over populated world, or ‘Free Night Of Riots’, telling the sombre truths of today’s youth and the London riots. The whole album raises many issues, all written in an easy to understand form accompanied by some tuneful chords (even if they are the same ones repeated a lot).

It’s not all about politics though. There are some quirky little ditties amongst the grim preachy songs, like ‘My New Number One’ and ‘Tour Blog’. Not to mention there’s much more than a man and a guitar. There is a good chuck of harmonica, some woman rapping and I think there is some banjo thrown in there too.

All in all, this a bloody good album with just the right levels of quirk and preachiness (anymore and it would have gotten annoying). For any fans of David Ford type music then this is definitely an artist worth checking out. From his songs and page, he seems to be touring a lot, and I get the impression that he would put on a very enjoyable and entertaining show.

Written by Andy Roberts