ALBUM: Beans On Toast – Giving Everything

Release Date: December 1st, 2013
Label: Xtra Mile Recordings


British alternative folk singer, Beans On Toast, has produced his fifth album. The record, titled ‘Giving Everything’, is definitely an acquired taste, as is his entire repertoire. The first listen is definitely a strange experience; you’re not sure whether you’re laughing for the right or the wrong reasons, but the more you get into it, the more enjoyable it is.

His fifth album is everything he has already established himself as being. He is witty and takes on some more serious issues, both political and personal. The lyrics are quirky and fun, but at times they lack any true creativity or art. For example, ‘Keep You’ is a song that could be quite heartfelt and real, but it kind of just comes across as a list of things that kind of come together to make a love song, but not really.

To be honest, there’s a lot to enjoy about this album, it’s worth a listen. Beans On Toast definitely has something special about him, and the album shows flair and there’s definitely talent there. That being said, there’s just something unsatisfying about the album. There’s just something that doesn’t quite work. At times, the comedy of the lyrics just misses the point slightly, and it’s a bit uncomfortable to listen to, much like watching a stand-up comic who isn’t quite getting it right onstage.

There’s definitely a market for the artist, and people who will find his music enjoyable, funny and smart, but like anyone who is so distinctive and is making such a statement, you either ‘get it’, or you… well, don’t.

Written by Orla Conway