ALBUM: Basement – Promise Everything

Release Date: January 29th 2016
Label: Run For Cover Records


Basement‘s short-lived hiatus is well and truly forgotten with the release of their third album, ‘Promise Everything’, yet the band seem to have benefited from their brief time away. Not only has their popularity increased tenfold, this record sounds far better than the first two offerings from the Ipswich band who are now kickstarting their career as a regenerated indie rock meets grunge fuzz force.

There’s something very American about the brand of music that Basement produce, even though Andrew Fisher has a distinctly English voice. He calmly leads us through the record with a more refined sound than back on 2012’s ‘Colourmeinkindness’, and now resembles Jim Adkins on the softer Jimmy Eat World tracks, but it certainly works to his advantage.

‘Oversized’ floats eloquently without having to come out of third gear, and, although ‘Hanging Around’ kicks off with a stronger riff, the chorus still has an effortless glide that pulls you along with the melody. The alternative rock sound in ‘Blinded Bye’ is Weezer-esque in the way the guitar is picked away and the small solo is tucked in, but a slow chorus ensures that the song remains a Basement stamped product.

Not to say that the band can get into it more aggressively at times; ‘Promise Nothing’ is faster, uses drum fills to create tension before the chorus and has Fisher at the top of his lungs (and we can only assume out of his seat). ‘Lose Your Grip’ even has the singer approaching a scream during the crescendo finale.

‘Promise Everything’ is definitely a breakthrough for the Suffolk rockers, who may have found a gap in the UK scene. So many bands are throwing themselves back to the 90s to musically meet a gap between The Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana, but Basement have hit a later target of Saves The Day. Coming back from their break with an unexplainably bigger fanbase was extremely convenient, but backing it up with the best album they’ve ever produced is great craftsmanship. This album will do wonders for the band who are taking their opportunity by the horns and riding it into the ears of the whole country.

Written by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)