ALBUM: Bad Sign – De l’Amour

Release Date: April 15th, 2013
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


Have you heard of Bad Sign? No? Don’t worry, I hadn’t either until I was given their new album ‘De l’Amour’ to review. Upon listening to it though, I am truly baffled as to why I hadn’t heard of them before, because these guys are fucking incredible. Hailing from the lovely borough that is Croydon, Bad Sign hardly spend any time there as they’re constantly on tour and quite right too because a) who wants to spend an extended amount of time in Croydon? and b) music this good simply has to be shared.

‘De l’Amour’ is 12 tracks of superbly written rock music that covers all parts of the heavy-light spectrum. Opener ‘Cuba’ has the grimy yet groovy bass line reminiscent to that of early Korn and a chunky riff that will have your head banging by pure reflex alone. Then there are the mellow, almost soothing numbers like ‘If Ignorance Is Bliss…’, which is the kind of song you can just get lost in.

Bad Sign have ticked all the right boxes in order to get a decent sounding rock album, though there’s nothing generic about them. I know that seems hard to believe, but trust me on this. Given the fact that they’re a three piece band makes it all the more impressive too, as the richness of their sound rivals that of a five-piece (or more) band. Joe Appleford‘s excellent vocals, Jon Harris‘ carefully chosen riffs and Kev Miller‘s infectious drumming all complement each other so perfectly and really add to the chemistry of their music. Much like other three-piece hard rock bands such as Seether and Chevelle, Bad Sign have nailed their sound to a tee and the fact that they’ve done this so early in their career is mighty impressive.

To put it simply, if Bad Sign can keep up this level of excellence and have a bit of luck behind them then they’re going to be fucking huge. There are very few bands that produce an outstanding debut album and Bad Sign are now part of that exclusive club. Each track on ‘De l’Amour’ is nothing short of fantastic and I’d go as far to say that it’s all killer, no filler. 

Written by Andy Roberts