ALBUM: Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare

Release Date: July 27th, 2010
Label: Warner Bros. Records


If you’re wondering what a midlife crisis might sound like if it was recorded, it’s the album ‘Nightmare’. I don’t think there’s been an album yet that has managed to incorporate as many heavy metal clichés whilst being serious about the music they produce. Avenged Sevenfold have been slowly changing their sound for the past few years, getting ever so slowly yet surely worse with every release they put out. If it wasn’t for the fact they are all clearly talented musicians this would just be un-fucking-listenable to. However I digress, let’s get to the meat of this album.

With an almost pop sensibility to album structure, they have the title track ‘Nightmare’ opening the album, using the old favourite metal cliché of a minimal instrument build up before going into the song, and once we get to the main part of the song, it’s kind of really uninteresting. Everything you expect to happen, happens; vaguely chugged guitar verses going into fast bits that lead into the chorus, repeat. The following 2 tracks have pretty much identical song structure to each other, intro-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-soft bit where they pretend they’re all heartfelt-end. You actually get this twice in a row, christ…

As you’d probably expect with an album chocked up with clichés, there is: a slow ballad one (‘Buried Alive’) with added orchestration, a fast almost thrashy one (‘Natural Born Killer’), one that looks anti-religious (‘God Hates Us’), and with all failing bands, ending on several more ballad feeling tracks before going to the EPIC LAST SONG, the predictably of it genuinely hurts.

This is probably the least metal heavy metal album ever released, ever. Whilst it has got all the instrumentation and the track titles to make it ‘metal’, the predictability and the repetition of this album makes it sounds so much more like, well, pop music frankly.

Written by Jono Andrews