ALBUM: Authority Zero – Broadcasting To The Nations

Release Date: June 2nd 2017
Label: Bird Attack Records


Arizona based skate punks Authority Zero have been flying the flag for fast-paced ska influenced punk rock for the best part of twenty years, and ‘Broadcasting To The Nations’ continues the consistency of the Mesa band’s back catalogue.

Brilliant frontman Jason Devore is always at the forefront of anything the band does, whether it’s his fast-paced and almost rapping vocals, or the long notes he hits for the Spanish/Portuguese reggae, and his performance on their sixth record is well worth the time of any fan of skate punk. Authority Zero prove once again that they’re criminally overlooked in the UK when it comes to melodic punk rock by maintaining their ethics and unique sense of fun.

Being instantly recognisable is the sign of a great band, and you can turn on any of the 13 tracks and be undisputedly listening to Authority Zero. ‘First One In The Pit’ is a call-to-arms that opens the record with a track perfect for the live environment, and shows the carnage triggering circle pit punk they can pen – see also ‘Destiny And Demise’ where Devore‘s mouth is working overtime in half the track as he effortlessly riffs off about 5 words a second throughout the verses.

‘Reconciliation’ hits the fast-paced heights that the Arizona mob are capable of, but it’s the super melodic chorus that stands out in the song through the ultimate juxtaposition.

The Hispanic style of the ska and reggae that Zero produce suits their aesthetic down to a T, and their variation between the relaxing ‘Summer Sickness’ and the quick tempo of ‘Revolution Riot’ exemplifies how ‘Broadcasting To The Nations’ keeps you interested and excited from start-to-finish. Their expertise in all areas means that the hooks are relentless throughout the variation, whether it’s a protest song, a power chord extravaganza, or a ballad inspired Mexican fiesta.

Bird Attack Records and Authority Zero are a perfect pairing that should hopefully see the Mesa boys flourish in punk rock’s best hand, and reap the rewards that they should’ve been since ‘A Passage In Time’ came out back in 2002. The band have stayed true to their roots and maintained their integrity, and it’s paid off massively.

You should definitely give ‘Broadcasting To The Nations’ your time if you’re a fan of the Fat Wreck scene, or indeed any skate punk bands over the last two decades. This is one for the fun fans.

Written by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)