ALBUM: Attila – About That Life

Release Date: June 25th, 2013
Label: Artery Recordings


Categorically idiotic, instrumentally devoid of ideas and with lyrics as offensive as they are paper thinly contrived, ‘About That Life’ could actually be labelled as impressive as we wonder just how not only an outfit as laughable as this manages to pedal such nonsense with a world beating brashness, but also how they prove over a thirty minute span to tick every available cliche box ten times over.

Many may dismiss Attila as harmless showboating, but when a band has to resort to an endless string of calls to “suck my dick” or bellowing “faggots” every other sentence, it’s quickly apparent that the fun factor may not be their forte. Regrettably, little other strengths reveal themselves as each track drudges through relentless breakdowns and hilarious rapping passages. Picking out individual songs is somewhat of a task as they mostly play out like a carbon copy of the each other, although ‘Middle Fingers Up’ does carry something of a weighty bounce and keeps the moronic lyricisms to a relative minimum, and the blatant dig at both Jonny Craig and Ronny Radke in ‘Callout’ may raise a knowing smile (even if with all his problems, Craig does possess infinitely more talent than the band bashing him).

Attila are bound to capture the attention of a legion of fleeting fans with ‘About That Life’‘s imbecilic party vibes. It’s just a pity that a terminal lack of originality and lyrics which range from inadvertently comedic (“We’re rebels without a cause”, looks like someone couldn’t be bothered to look past page one of the cliche handbook) and verging on repugnant will see them impossible to stomach for many, and with a limited shelf life for all.

Written by Tony Bliss