ALBUM: At The Skylines – The Secrets To Life

Release Date: August 17th, 2012
Label: Roadrunner Records


At some point in the not too distant past, it became acceptable to merge dance music and metalcore. At first, it seemed like a pants-on-head retarded idea, but then along came bands like Asking Alexandria and Attack Attack!. Once you get past the overall sillyness of it all, the music is pretty damn catchy. At The Skylines are the next in a long line ready to take the moshpit to the dancefloor and cause annoyance and confusion to 90% of music listeners.

To the casual listener, it really does sound like Akon has got into a fight with a pack of angry hyenas, and you’d have to say that’s not an entirely bad way to describe At The Skylines‘ sound. It’s disjointed in places, but in others it moulds nicely together like your latest alcoholic shitmix revelation. If you’ve got a fringe and wear testicle-crushing trousers, you’ll love this stuff. If even the hint of a synthpad makes you snort in disgust, then you might be best inclined to turn 360 degrees and walk away*.

If you don’t like one song by ATS, you’re not gonna like any of their other songs. If you like one, you’ll probably like them all – they’re that interchangeable. You’ve got the All Time Low singy bit in the chorus, the Asking Alexandria over-emphasis on chugs, and for this band only you also have the stupidity of modern rap lyrics (“let’s get sexy for a second”). ‘White Whale’ might be a good starting point to listen to ATS. You’ve got all of the aforementioned ingredients, but you get them all in pretty high doses in this particular serving.

Your mum probably thinks At The Skylines sound like utter tripe. She’s probably right.

* = Be aware of this meme.

Written by MG Savage