ALBUM: As You Drown – Rat King

Release Date: October 7th, 2011
Label: Metal Blade Records
Website: None available


As You Drown, much like Execute The Sinner, Pig Destroyer and Dying Foetus are terrifying and twisted enough by their name alone. Hailing from Borås, Sweden, you would expect nothing less really. After a line-up change, the band have been working very diligently since the winter of 2003, and the fruits of their labour, ‘Rat King’, is fresh for the picking.

There is a general unspoken rule in metal; the more indecipherable a band’s logo is, the heavier they are. As You Drown are no exception to this. They say they “blend the technical ferocity of Behemoth with the heaviness of Morbid Angel“, which sounds like a brutal mixture. Upon listening to their sound, they have captured it perfectly. They also have some outstanding vocals, which is a welcome change from all the guttural pig-raping noise usually found in black metal.

As I’m writing this particular paragraph, I have ‘You Loyal Betrayer’ on in the back ground and Jesus Christ, it is so good. It’s fast, furious and as heavy as it is catchy. Every track on this album is so captivating and brimming with talent, the sheer speed of everything is mind-blowing. Not only that, but it is catchy too, I’m forever head banging along while I’m listening to them. God knows what they are going to be like live.

There is nothing like the feeling of when an insanely brutal song pops up randomly when you’re listening to a casual suffled playlist, and these guys fit that sound perfectly. It may be a tad repetitive in places, but you won’t care when you get caught up in it. I certainly don’t. So if you’re a fan of Job For A Cowboy or the black/death metal scene, definitely check these guys out.

Written by Andy Roberts