ALBUM: As It Is – okay.

Release Date: January 20th 2017
Label: Fearless Records


Everything has been on the rise for the Brighton based boys of As It Is with a constant buzz around them as they climbed from strength-to-strength, first signing to Fearless Records, then with their debut full-length record, ‘Never Happy, Ever After’, really cementing their place as a new band to watch for the future.

Naturally, there’s now a dangerous amount of hype for new album ‘okay.’ to live up to, but as ever, As It Is deliver an absolute beaut of a record, and exceed the already high expectations.

An easy-going number introduces the release in the form of ‘Pretty Little Distance’ with an upbeat attitude, before the album’s lead single and title-track remains instrumentally upbeat, but lyrically takes a less optimistic yet brilliantly relatable approach which will no doubt make it a fan favourite.

As It Is are at their peak when they mix the high energy simplicity of a pop track with the instrumental technicality and angst of a punk record, which they deliver perfectly on tracks ‘No Way Out’ and the outrageously infectious ‘Until I Return’.

This peak of this record comes when the pop-punk quintet indulge their darker side first introduced on sombre number ‘Soap’. It comes complete with a chorus dripping with angst before a powerful and emotional performance across ‘Austin’ steals focus intricately detailed down to the poignant inhale, before frontman Patty Walters belts out the final note, rounding off a truly top performance.

As It Is close their record with a much calmer, acoustic number entitled ‘Still Remembering’, providing that last little bit of diversity to a truly impressive record. Still early on in their career, if As It Is continue to produce records of this calibre then this ascent up the echelon’s of the pop-punk scene will be just the beginning as impressively dizzy heights lie ahead of them.

Written by Jon Barlow (@Narlow1)