ALBUM: As It Is – Never Happy, Ever After

Release Date: April 20th 2015
Label: Fearless Records


As It Is have managed to tour America, sign to Fearless Records, and accumulate a huge fanbase before they’ve even released a full-length album. The hyped Brighton pop-punks have accomplished more than some bands could dream of over their whole career, but ‘Never Happy, Ever After’ is here to finally show that all the excitement has been well founded and Britain are able to do it just as well as they do over in the States.

Put your fast tempo aggressive The Story So Far style pop-punk on hold for now, and get in the mood for some more happy go lucky We Are The In Crowd-type summer tunes. Sure, As It Is have certainly squeezed in some emo lyrics of heartbreak and such as the status quo seems to demand as of late, but this is glorified fun and sure to trigger smiles from even the doubtful.

Breakthrough single ‘Dial Tones’ was a great choice to start the album journey and introduce the world to what the band have to offer; decently written happy pop-rock music to rival the American market from the last decade of We The Kings, Forever The Sickest Kids, Mayday Parade, et al.

Patty Walters has instantly become a pin-up rock star for teenagers worldwide, and his confidence is flowing through ‘Never Happy, Ever After’ as heard on the opening bars of ‘Speak Soft’, which is sure to become a rock club regular for the year, with all the textbook licks and melodies done with tight, neat friendly faces to accompany them.

The limit with the brand of pop-punk is not being able to bring much new to the game anymore or breaking out of the standard mould. As It Is have focused on perfecting the sound as opposed to making their own unique gimmicks, and it’s working well for them. ‘Turn Back To Me’ has a killer chorus and allows for guitarist Benjamin Bliss to contribute some vocals, while ‘Cheap Shots & Setbacks’ is going to soar on all levels, and the recent chart success of All Time Low is only going to enhance that.

Suddenly, pop-punk is back in demand, and with bands like You Me At Six and Neck Deep conquering the USA then there’s no reason that As It Is can’t fly the flag overseas as well. Their sound is nailed on for success, and they’re already halfway there.

Written by Michael Heath (@MikeBeef)