ALBUM: Architects – Lost Forever // Lost Together

Release Date: March 10th, 2014
Label: Epitaph


Brighton metalcore tour de force Architects oddly haven’t been granted with the greatest of luck, something that even the members themselves briefly agree with in last year’s crowd-funded ‘One Hundred Days’ tour documentary. Moving onto half a dozen albums to their name, some of their fellow compadres have achieved more notable success, despite having half the amount of records under their belt; Bring Me The Horizon and letlive. just being two names that spring to mind. These 20-something-year-olds were putting in the graft and, despite being on the cusp of sitting comfortably on the rewards they had earned, weren’t quite able to reap the goods.

Now, parting ways with long-time label Century Media Records and joining forces with Epitaph instead for sixth effort, ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’, this is the work of a band who are more than deserving of joining the elite. In several interviews leading up to this record, the band had mentioned on multiple occassions that this would distance themselves from 2011’s ‘The Here And Now’, an album which the band have confessed was a bit of a “car crash”. With many fans feeling that way too, fear not. If ‘Daybreaker’ set the nail and hammer up into place, ‘LF//LT’ smashes them deep into the woodwork and safely seals the coffin for what was, to be frank, a generally lacklustre release.

Right off the bat, opener ‘Gravedigger’ stands as one of the band’s best album openers. Pumped with rage, a venomous bite with a chorus which is as clean as it is sharp, this is a band full of conviction and with one aim in mind: to deliver one of the best records of their career. ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’ sees Architects the most pissed-off that they have been since 2009’s ‘Hollow Crown’, rallying a call-to-arms and unified atmosphere of ‘Daybreaker’, but all the while encasing a conviction and determination that we haven’t seen from them until now. Don’t expect a single slow ballad on this one, this is constant hit after hit of adrenaline.

On top of bringing an album which filters into one body of work all of the best pieces from the previous three records, the band’s seem to all be bringing their A game too. Frontman Sam Carter‘s vocals are the best they’ve ever been, from the melodic hooks (‘Colony Collapse’) and high screams (‘The Distant Blue’), to delivering messages that affect us on a global scale (‘The Devil Is Near’). Dan Searle and Ali Dean bring forth a demanding rhythm section (‘Broken Cross’) and, still down to just one axe-wielder, Tom Searle delivers monolithic riffs that you’d think were built to overpower an empire. Infact, the opening to ‘C.A.N.C.E.R.’ might be one of the heaviest 20 seconds the band has ever written.

Six albums in, and Architects prove that they still have so much to give, standing head and shoulders above many of their peers. ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’ is relentless, emotionally charged, at times epic and, more importantly, worthy of being the band’s flagship record.

Written by Zach Redrup (@zachredrup)