ALBUM: Architects – Hollow Crown

Release Date: January 26th, 2009
Label: Century Media
Website: None available


It’s annoying when a band you love and enjoy don’t get even half as much attention or praise for their work as other bands do who don’t even put as much effort in. Architects are one such band that have in recent years been scraping their way to the surface of the scene, and with latest full-length release ‘Hollow Crown’ that could all be a thing of the past.

‘Hollow Crown’ now cements the sound and style that the band have been working on from the beginning, progressing through metalcore, to technical metal, to a now more hardcore and melodic metal sound. Sam Carter‘s vocal input has certainley changed since last release ‘Ruin’, developing and working on his voice since he joined in 2006 to his comfortable ground. His hardcore-esque screams and yells, somewhat similar to that of Oliver Sykes‘ from Sheffield’s Bring Me The Horizon, definitely make tracks like opener ‘Early Grave’ and ‘We’re All Alone’ into a brutal slice of enjoyment. ‘Hollow Crown’ also has its more melodic moments here and there to offer the listener a bit of variety and to add more layers, and overall progression and maturity to the record. ‘Follow The Water’ has an ending of melodicy and calmness after the few minutes of metal onslaught, showing a musical side to the band not seen before, revealing a growth in musicianship over the years. The album’s title track is one prime example of how Architects aren’t all about brute force or sheer musical aggression. The solemn and haunting synth effects along with the vocal work and lyrics “So, so far from home / In need of your voice / To hold my head together”, progressing slowly with the whole band instrumentation into an explosion brings a refreshing breath of air to end the album.

It’s not an overexaggeration to say that ‘Hollow Crown’ could very well push Architects into a position they more than deserve.

Written by Zach Redrup