ALBUM: Anthony Green – Beautiful Things

Release Date: January 17th, 2012
Label: Photo Finish


Anyone familiar with Circa Survive or early Saosin material will know just how unique Anthony Green‘s voice is and this, his latest solo jaunt, sees him embark on a full-length album of beautiful sounds about his recent life happenings. Falling in love, getting married, having a child, and no longer being dependent on mental health medication, which have altered and added a new dimension to his musical, and songwriting ability, as this truly is a treat for the ears of anyone who gets involved.

The unique vocals are still there, undoubtedly Circa Survive-esque, but Green puts a brilliant spin on it with ‘Beautiful Things’, sounding comparable to Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra at points. The second solo offering is not too different to ‘Avalon’, however, this definitely shows a maturity in Green and a development in his life.

The production of this album is perfect, and right from the get go this album is definitely one which will intrigue the listener to no end. ‘If I Don’t Sing’ is both lyrically and melodically brilliant, as well as being packed to the brim with passion and personality.

‘Do It Right’ has a beautifully folky singalong type feel to it, and just feels like such a delicate track, as does ‘Lullaby’, which fittingly ends the album. However, there are much more lively tracks on the EP too, as ‘Get Yours While You Can’ is brilliantly rousing and sounds about as close to Circa as you’ll find on this album, but still has that mellow, folk rock vibe oozing out of it. ‘Love You No Matter What’ is without a doubt the stand-out track of this album though, encased with incredibly simplistic lyrics, but is just overall an affectionate and infectious song and is melodically perfect.

Quite simply, this solo offering from Anthony Green is just a compilation of thirteen very beautiful tracks which have emerged from this man’s mind and his heart, and with it his ever impressive repertoire only continues to grow. It won’t be long until people are talking about this man in the same light as Dallas Green.

Written by Gary Cassidy