ALBUM: Adrenaline Mob – Men Of Honor

Release Date: February 24th, 2014
Label: Century Media Records


The term ‘supergroup’ is tossed around a lot these days. For some, like Killer Be Killed or McBusted the hype is justified, but there are others that have less claim to the term like that band with Nikki Sixx in. Adrenaline Mob formed after Mike Portnoy threw a hissy fit and left Dream Theater, releasing an EP or two and 2012’s ‘Omerta’. It was generally agreed that ‘Omerta’ packed less punch than a wet towel and Portnoy eventually left the band a year later. Now, Adrenaline Mob are still going with A.J. Pero (Twisted Sister), but the question to ask is: why?

‘Men Of Honor’ sounds like an album that your uncle’s weekend band would play. Of course, the members of Adrenaline Mob are all well-paid rockstars, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get lazy and write something so tiring even a sloth would find too slow-paced. Just have a read of the checklist and you can see immediately what sort of album ‘Men Of Honor’ is: ‘Come On Get Up’, ‘Feel The Adrenaline’, ‘Fallin’ To Pieces’; all tired, well-worn out track names that have been played millions of times over.

The actual musical element of ‘Men Of Honor’ doesn’t hold up much stead either. For some reason, there are acoustic tracks plonked right in the middle of the tracklist, meaning the flow of the album is shot to pieces before the play button has even been pressed. ‘Behind These Eyes’ and ‘Crystal Clear’ ache of something the filler hard rock bands at Download Festival would perform. The full band songs have potential, but it just seems like there’s been little thought put into most of it. ‘Come On Get Up’ and ‘Dearly Departed’ have a couple of good riffs that might trouble a Sevendust album, but it’s like there’s a fine layer of dulling film placed over the tracks, like a sepiatone filter but without the classic touch.

It’d be really great if Adrenaline Mob could just go back to playing in their respective bands instead of trying to rekindle their youth with a pub rock band.

Written by MG Savage (@MGsavagewriter)