ALBUM: Above The Underground – Sonder

Release Date: February 17th, 2014
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


Up-and-coming Chester based pop-punk quartet Above The Underground have returned with their debut album, ‘Sonder’, the follow-up to their EP, ‘Autumns’. As full-length releases go, it’s a short record and rather than building on the momentum of their last offering, ATU have opted to lay a solid foundation to branch out from. Whilst the record may not light the world on fire, it shows real strength and promise for the future whilst still providing fans with some top tracks.

An instrumental introduction to the album leads into first release, ‘Return To Point Pleasant’, which demonstrates what this band are all about. This is a solid pop-punk record; catchy, but with enough attitude to not get swept away in the tide of every other band taking a run at pop-punk music. That being said though, ATU do keep with the status quo and include a token ballad in the form of ‘Shine’ which, whilst being a good performance, doesn’t really add a lot to the album.

The highlights of ‘Sonder’ come forth in the form of the faster paced ‘Not Home’ and penultimate number ‘Bring Me The Sun’, which show the real potential of this band, not just through their collective sound but the sheer ability of each individual musician. When this talent shines through, you can really see the potential this band have and what they can do when they’re at the height of their game.

Whilst this record as a whole is made up of solid tracks, it just needs more of a distinguished sound to really make each individual song stand out, which will no doubt come with time. ‘Sonder’ is a great debut album that will please listeners and act as a solid starting point for Above The Underground as they continue to produce more top quality pieces. If they manage to pull it off, they will really establish their sound and carry on their ascent up the ladder to success.

Written by Jonathon Barlow