ALBUM: Aborted – Global Flatline

Release Date: January 24th, 2012
Label: Century Media Records


Although having heard from many people that I’m in for a treat, when being asked to review a record entitled ‘Global Flatline’ recently released by a Belgian grindcore/death band named Aborted on Century Media Records, it’s almost impossible to have an open mind and maintain the hope that upon clicking play you won’t be lambasted with a cacophony of down-tuned nonsense.

The record begins half-promisingly. Following the apocalyptic intro track, title-track ‘Global Flatline’ kicks in with slow, doom-filled riffs aided by the heavy-percussive section. Unfortunately, the track descends into what can only be described as incoherent guttural grunting and an incomprehensible ‘rhythm’ section. The entirety of the record continues in this fashion, with the occasional half-decent solo thrown in every now and again.

As is the case with the majority of grindcore/death bands, it’s almost impossible to differentiate between tracks, thus making it beyond the bounds of possibility to have a stand-out or favourite track. The lack of variation throughout this thirteen track record makes for a frustrating listen, especially when said listener has little or no interest in the genre itself. Although making half-arsed attempts to maintain an open-mind, there were many occasions in which it was necessary to turn the record off and with a shake of the head, begrudgingly start all over again.

Closing track ‘Endstille’ takes a rather tenuous title of ‘best track’, mainly due to the lack of vocals and the abundance of samples throughout before fading into the sound of a flat lining heart-monitor. Quirky.

With childishly-named tracks such as ‘Fecal Forgery’, ‘Of Scabs And Boils’ and ‘Our Father, Who Art Of Feces’, it’s quite clear that Aborted‘s penchant for temporary disfigurement and excrement does indeed appeal to a minority of metal kids all over the world. “Why?” I hear you ask. A question I have asked myself many times during countless attempts to tolerate this record.

It would be false to claim that I will keep a reluctant ear to the ground regarding the progression of this band. There’s not much left to say regarding this record and before I continue to alienate you all in regard to my future reviews, I will let you make your own mind up.

Written by Luke Davis