ALBUM: Abandoned By Bears – The Years Ahead

Release Date: April 29th 2016
Label: Victory Records
Website: None available


New subgenres seem to be created weekly, but easycore has been relatively stable and well heard of since New Found Glory coined the term for one of their tours back in 2008. Easycore is the fusion of pop-punk with hardcore punk or metal elements; not quite metalcore, but certainly not rock. A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong, and Set Your Goals are all part of the alumni of easycore, and Abandoned By Bears are hoping to add their name to the list with their latest release, ‘The Years Ahead’.

Abandoned By Bears immediately tick all of the boxes of the easycore checklist with their opening track ‘Search And Find’, despite it being only one minute long. Shout backs and sing-alongs are prominent features of both the genre as a whole, as well as the entirety of ‘The Years Ahead’.

Fredric Andersson and Leon Ekelund both have completely different vocal styles, but together they’re able to create a variety of melodic yet hardcore tunes. Songs such as ‘For The Sake Of Nothing’ and ‘Good Terms’ are on the lighter side of the easycore spectrum, whereas ‘True Colours’ and ‘Act As If’ are a bit heavier, yet still easy to listen to. The whole heavy vocals contrasting with melodic vocals thing has been done many times before, but it’s always satisfying to find another band who can do it right.

It’s all too easy to describe Abandoned By Bears‘ sound as catchy, but there’s definitely something contagious about their upbeat melodies and hardcore-esque breakdowns. There’s an almost happy-go-lucky feel to this record, which gives the listener the inexplicable urge to sing along to every song, regardless of whether they know the lyrics or not. This attribute is something which many bands spend many years striving to achieve, but the Sweden based quintet already have this nailed. Victory Records have a habit of signing some pretty incredible bands, and Abandoned By Bears are certainly one of those.

Written by Julia Conopo (@JuliaConopo)