ALBUM: Abandon All Ships! – Geeving

Release Date: October 6th, 2010
Label: Rise Records


Excuse the terrible reference to the band in question, but bro my god, is this trend the new with heavy alternative music today? Depending on where you look or who you ask it goes by a list of names; electronicore, brocore, synthcore, crabcore, whatevercore, and it all pretty much rooted from the success of the American Attack Attack! and their debut in 2008. Abandon All Ships! are the next to jump onto the ship of what they more or less began two years ago, and ‘Geeving’ pretty much follows the same formula almost exactly.

It’s all in there; the metalcore breakdowns, harshness and screams with synth and dance underlays, and what synthcore/electronicore/etc-core album would be complete without some auto-tuned vocals to boot. This sound just doesn’t work very well, at least no band yet has been able to pull it off well yet, and Abandon All Ships! are yet another band to join the group of failures hoping to do so.

In their defence, the band do manage to execute some half decent breakdowns and metalcore conventions that will certainely get the crowds moving, whether that be moshing, circle pits or walls of death. But then the synth comes in, and it all just sounds like less of a serious effort and more of a gimmick. It just doesn’t blend very well, and though a good amount of listeners will undoubtedly be shaking their booty to the heavy dance hitting their ears, there doesn’t seem like there’s much of a lifeline in this flavour of the week genre.

Bassist Martin Broda‘s vocals are unnecessarily dampened and ruined when it’s coated with sugary auto-tune, undoubtedly used to help with the whole ‘dance’ effect they’re aiming for, but ultimately ruin what could be much better if delivered organically instead. Screamer Angelo Aita sometimes comes across as a lazy screamer too, with his screams often being unpremeditated and switch inadvertedly between full belt screams and half-arsed yells.

The thing is there is definitely some potential within Abandon All Ships!, they just need to take a step back, look at what their strengths are and tone down on the electro aspect of things a lot. Between them and Attack Attack! they’re the better of two evils, but at the end of the day ‘Geeving’ is like a ride on a merry-go-round and all you see on the way around are monsters, neon lights, falling buildings, fairies, and other incoherant images which in the end make you come off vomiting by the bucket full.

Written by Zach Redrup