ALBUM: A Skylit Drive – Identity On Fire

Release Date: February 15th, 2011
Label: Fearless Records
Website: None available


A Skylit Drive recently released their new album, ‘Identity On Fire’. It’s the follow up to their 2009 effort, ‘Adelphia’, and it shows the band still treading the same water, but taking things up a notch, in the sense that they now have a much more polished and heavier sound all round.

Opener ‘Carry The Broken’ is an eerie track. It has a lot of synth and tribal drums, and could almost be classed a dance track. It helps to provide a great platform for the rest of the album to follow, as it’s laid-back compared to the rest of the album and allows the following track ‘Too Little, Too Late’ to burst into life. The lyrics: “We are the lost, ones unspoken / We are the few, who carry the broken / We are one above the sun”, serve as a good opening to the listener that the lyrics and theme of the album is going to be one of loss, misery and anger. It’s a melodic, dissonant, frantic offering that is brought to life by Michael Jagmin‘s apt vocals and the guitar work of Joey Wilson and Nick Miller also shines through, as they bring the track up and down and dictate which way the rest of the sound should go. Cory La Quay‘s screams provide a stark reminder that A Skylit Drive are not just about clean vocals and telling the world about how angry and miserable they are, but they also want the listener to feel how angry they are by spitting out the lyrics at them.

‘The Cali Buds’ is a track reminding everyone back home that the band haven’t forgotten where their roots lie, and in its essence of loyalty, trust and friendship, it’s the song that can be related to the most. It also shows the listener that the band have kept their feet on the ground, despite their relative success within the scene. It’s nice to listen to a band who are not pretentious and are willing for everyone to know that they value friendship more than fame. It also stands as one of the heaviest tracks on the album too. Cory La Quay‘s screams and growls combining excellently with Jagmin‘s high-pitched, clean vocals for a haunting effect that’s added to by the brilliant musicianship of the whole band. The lyrics sum up the theme of the song perfectly: “What is friendship? / This is friendship / This is for my friends / This one’s for my Cali buds”.

Final track ‘If You Lived Here You’d Be Home’ starts off with some synth before the dual vocals of La Quay and Jagmin ease their way in. It’s a heavy song again, but it’s softer in the chorus where Jagmin takes charge and the guitar work is simple strumming in this section of the song. Soon though, the softness is shoved aside by La Quay and the heavy riffs and pedantic drumming.

‘Identity On Fire’ may well be A Skylit Drive‘s best work to date. It’s heavy yet melodic, at times eerie and it shows the band taking a big step forward in the right direction. It’s refreshing for a band to stick to what they know best and not to follow the scene.

Written by Rhys Milsom