ALBUM: A Plastic Rose – Flickering Light Of An Inner War

Release Date: March 1st 2015
Label: Di Di Mau


There appears to be a defining moment in each artist’s career, one which truly encapsulates their fire, spark and flair. ‘Flickering Light Of An Inner War’ is a celebration of everything A Plastic Rose have worked so hard to achieve in the near decade since their inception.

Album number two has taken a staggering three years to comprise and draws influence from the likes of Brand New, Twin Atlantic and 65daysofstatic. Spawning five singles, it’s immediately obvious that the album isn’t in short supply of hits. ‘Pumping Blood’ is a glowing introduction to the band’s fiery up-tempo brand of hardcore. It showcases one of the record’s biggest choruses, but feels unnecessarily drawn out during its concluding modulation.

‘Autumn Eases You Into The Dark’ is one of the album’s more hearty and lively tracks, which contains a bright summery vibe. Its highlights includes its dancy second verse and strong control of texture and dynamics, that is particularly evident during its a capella section. Tracks ‘Happiness And Joy’ and ‘Boxes’ lack bite and don’t hit as hard as other stronger moments, botching the LP’s consistency of excellence. Fortunately, ‘Avarice’ doesn’t fall into this trap, and includes some of the band’s most powerful and moving lyrics. The lines “I can’t believe what I have done if this is war then where’s my gun, I can’t believe what I’ve become” likely provide insight to the lyricist’s deep inner turmoil.

A strong contender for the most prominent vocal hook is ‘Move Islands’, with vocalist Gerry Norman belting the lyrics “starting to feel like I can do anything”. The biggest downfall, however, is its lack of lyrical variation. ‘Garavogue’ is a breathtakingly beautiful minimalist track which initiates the start of the album’s gloomier numbers, which include ‘The Wildest Span’ and ‘The Last Of All My Friends’. The track resembles Snow Patrol‘s ‘Chasing Cars’ in the way it gloriously evolves.

‘Flickering Light Of An Inner War’ can simply be described as an electrifying release from a band that are destined for so much. On its surface it may seem like it would exasperate itself over its lengthy 14 tracks, but fortunately it’s an exceptional LP that tenaciously delivers.

Written by Kieran James