ALBUM: A Dark Orbit – Inverted

Release Date: November 27th 2015
Label: Basick Records
Website: None available


Ambitious albums should always be admired. Any attempt to break the norm and form your own identity as a band is a commendable choice. However, sometimes ambition can be confused with being pretentious; in this case, pretentiously long. A Dark Orbit sound like a mix of Will Haven and Architects, with some tech metal elements thrown in. It sounds great on paper, however, their debut album ‘Inverted’ is a ball ache to get through.

Starting with the good points, which there are a few. The aforementioned influences are welcomed (especially Will Haven), and blend to make a decent sound that the band wear well. Instrumentally this album doesn’t let up; their guitars are a barrage of solid riffing with demented and raw squeals for the vocals. ‘Death Cult Philosophy’ is the record’s highlight, jumping out compared to the other tracks due to vocal experiments that the rest of the album really could’ve used.

The faults of ‘Inverted’ are unfortunate, and in ways completely avoidable. Its main fault? It’s too damn long. Understandably, a new band have a lot of ideas that they want to put out there, but an hour and a quarter is far too long for a debut, especially one that doesn’t even have that many ideas. It just finds its sporadic and aggressive mindset, and stays in that for 15 tracks. Even the unimaginative, clean wanna-be-epic vocals of ‘Pretty Guts’ is welcomed because it breaks the sheer monotony.

No track on this record is particularly bad. In fact, it’s all very promising for A Dark Orbit‘s future. But no one wants to be in your car when you stay in one gear for a journey this long. You’ve got to have balls to make your debut this lengthy, but a lot of this material could have been saved and improved upon for the next record. Had this album been half the length, it would of been twice as enjoyable.

Written by Jack King (@Jackingy)