ALBUM: 3OH!3 – Streets Of Gold

Release Date: June 29th, 2010
Label: Photo Finish/Atlantic Records


It’d be a lie to say that 3OH!3 are “good”, but that’s not their style at all. It’s fun, and being funny over musical talent is what they’re going for. These electro-pop/rap stars from Colorado have definitely become an overnight success since their releases of ‘Don’t Trust Me’ and Katy Perry assisting in ‘Starstrukk’ have put them as one of the hottest bands of 2009. These two college nerds with their humorous tongue in cheek lyrics and catchy pop instrumentation have made them a winning formula.

So to ‘Streets Of Gold’, we get pretty much the same style and deal that came with their previous album, but 50 minutes of it this time! (Well, 45 minutes, with 2 previously released singles being included too, but let’s not worry too much about that.) This album can almost be cleanly cut in 2, half of it is the humorous tongue-in-cheek songs, and half of it seems to be aimed at the 14 year old girls with massive crushes for the 3OH!3 boys. This also then makes the album half light-hearted fun and half of it simply cringe-worthy pop.

So the light hearted fun half of it; this includes ‘My First Kiss’ with party girl Ke$ha lending vocal duties. Stupid lyrics and bad music pretty much defines this song, but it’s far too silly to be done in anything more than in jest like most of “good” songs on this album. The best written song is ‘I Know How To Say’, with its very catchy rhythms and a bit of Hammond organ to give that Caribbean feel, unfortunately the lyrics are definitely naff, but nevermind eh? So what about stuff from the other half? The bad side of the album? Please do your best to avoid ‘I’m Not The One’ like its the plague, it’s all serious and clearly there to make 14 year old burst into tears. Following not too far behind it is ‘R.I.P.’ that’s seemingly about the cliche relationships and breakups, but with 3OH!3 not really being any good with lyrics it’s a just ends up being naff.

Overall, this record is very half and half, much like the last album, but instead of being half tongue-in-cheek and half simply shit it’s half tongue-in-cheek and half serious, which is somehow much much worse! Come one 3OH!3, everyone loves you for your silly side and not for being serious, just write silly music from now on please!

Written by Joni Andrews