ALBUM: 3 Inches Of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal

Release Date: March 15th, 2012
Label: Century Media


Personally, I’ve always had this view that heavy metal, and I mean true heavy metal, not the stuff you hear from bands whose collective age reaches 25, whose material mainly consists of breakdown, riff, breakdown. No, true heavy metal, long haired, beardy members who play dark, indescribable music belonged in a different realm, a realm where dragons are slain and maidens are saved. Call me stereotypical, but that’s how I’ve always considered it to be.

So, 3 Inches Of Blood have definitely opened my eyes to the ‘magical realm of heavy metal’. ‘Long Live Heavy Metal’ is a brilliant album, at first listen though it is a little bizarre; Cam Pipes‘, erm, pipes are typically high pitched and can lead the listener to think he’s just screeching through the whole record. Yet, after a few more listens, Cam is actually a really impressive vocalist; it’s not just pure satanic screaming, his voice is actually very technically devised. There aren’t a lot of men who look like they can kill you with one glare of their eyes that can reach that kind of pitch.

‘Metal Woman’ is a great introduction to the record, and gives a glaringly obvious insight of what is expected. One thing that I love about the whole album is that while it’s repetitive, it’s not at all boring. It’s not the same song over and over. ‘Leather Lord’ encourages a soul destroying blend of beautifully churned out riffs with the hellish spice of Cam‘s range of vocals. The more that I listen to ‘Long Live Heavy Metal’, the more I’m convinced that Cam is actually one of Satan’s associates.

Without a doubt, 3 Inches Of Blood are talented – you have to be to play metal. A band has to have the audacity and kick ass attitude to become successful enough to at least breathe the same air as the great metal bands. 3 Inches Of Blood have all that, they have what it takes to become a successful band. ‘Long Live Heavy Metal’ is a marvellous record. Given the band already have over 90000 likes on Facebook, and have beards with a collective length estimating around 4 metres long, 3 Inches Of Blood are well on their way to victory, swords and pitchforks in tow.

(PS. I do apologise for any stereotypes arisen within this review. I couldn’t help myself.)

Written by Sian Hodkin