A MONTH IN REVIEW: February 2015

Hello and welcome to the DEAD PRESS! February edition of A Month In Review. The shortest month of the year has seen some fantastic career reviving albums and stunning side projects too. Take a read below to find out February’s essential listening.




Release Date: February 16th, 2015
Label: Spinefarm Records
Website: www.36crazyfists.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/36crazyfists
Twitter: www.twitter.com/36cf


For a while now, the Alaskan metalcore outfit have been relying more and more on auto-pilot, putting out records that simply ticked all the genre’s boxes but not venturing any new ground. That is, of course, until they crafted ‘Time And Trauma’. It hasn’t been a smooth sail for 36CF over that last five years; they lost their long-time drummer Thomas Noonan, underwent a major label change and have all been striving through a great deal of personal tragedies (which resulted in a UK tour cancellation). As is often the case, their tragedy was channelled into art, resulting in this fantastic new album, which fans and critics alike are hailing a triumphant return to form. Take a listen to the album’s lead single ‘Also Am I’ (here) and check out what we thought of the album below.

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Release Date: February 24th, 2015
Label: Epitaph Records
Website: www.fallinginreverse.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fallinginreverseofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/firofficial


Get your shit-resistant parkers out, because pigs are flying and hell has frozen over; Falling In Reverse have released a more than tolerable album. By some utter miracle, the Las Vegas five-piece knocked ex-assaulter Radke off his So-Solid podium and worked together as a band to produce a record populated with pit-inducing, arm-flailing hardcore anthems. With more hooks than a bait shop, most songs have a chorus as catchy as herpes and are just as aggressive. Sadly, though, Radke and co. return to the mind-numbingly wanktastic ‘Alone’ ego-stroking ways with ‘Wait And See’ and ‘Get Me Out’, holding FIR back from a complete re-birth. Despite those inane masturbatory blips, ‘Just Like You’ is still an enjoyable listen. It just goes to show, when he’s not injuring his fans, Radke can make some good music when he puts his mind to it. You can give the album a spin in its entirety here.

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Release Date: February 24th, 2015
Label: Bridge Nine Records
Website: none available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/alcoaxo
Twitter: www.twitter.com/alcoatheband

Rating: None available

When Derek Archambault isn’t tearing his vocal chords to shreds in melodic hardcore outfit Defeater, he is, instead, melting hearts and soothing souls with his country-esque side-project, Alcoa. This New Hampshire sextet are onto album number two, ‘Parlour Tricks’, which features a plethora of wholesome instruments, ranging from the banjo to the upright bass, all held together with damningly honest lyrics that will genuinely move you. Archambault‘s wife even lends her stunning vocals to this deeply personal album. So, if you need something to keep you company during these short winter days, make sure you give Alcoa a listen. Check out the video to the track ‘All Dolled Up’ (here) for a taster.

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Written by Andy Roberts (@sassensquatch)