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2000 Trees Festival have confirmed that Merthyr rockers Pretty Vicious will be joining the stellar 2019 line-up, which will see headlines slots from Frank Turner, You Me At Six, and Deaf Havana.

The young Welsh band are turning heads with their exciting anthemic sound without even releasing their debut record yet. We caught up with the band to talk about the festival, their other plans for the summer, and when we’re finally going to hear that album.

DP!: How is everything going in the Pretty Vicious camp right now?
PV: All good, ta. We’re just waiting for summer activity to start.

DP!: No messing around, when are we finally going to get to hear this album, then?
PV: The album is around the corner, it will be out before the end of the summer, with a surprise single along the way. The vinyl is being pressed as we speak.

DP!: In March, you sold out the Camden Assembly – how did the show go?
PV: The show went well, we had to cancel it the first time round, due to a throat infection with our Brad, but we came back stronger than ever. The fans loved it and we had a great response.

DP!: Looks like you’ve got a busy festival season coming up including a slot at this year’s 2000 Trees Festival. What have you got planned for the festival?
PV: We’ve never been before, so we are looking forward to seeing it. Usually we just chill out backstage, pacing before we go on stage. Maybe this time around we will go for a bit of a wander.

DP!: 2000 Trees Festival has built up quite a steady and solid reputation over the years, which is now clocking in at over a decade. What do you personally think helps it stand out from the competition?
PV: I wouldn’t know. We’ve never been to it, so we’re looking forward to finding out why it’s done so well.

DP!: Have you got any bands on the bill this year that you’re particularly looking forward to catching whilst you’re there?
PV: Pretty Vicious, I heard they’re good?

DP!: With the vast array of bands that are performing with you at a festival, especially those performing at the same time, what efforts do you go to in ensuring that any potential fans in the crowd come to you instead, and hopefully go forward as a new born fan?
PV: No effort required. I know they will come to us, the music speaks for itself.

DP!: What else do you have planned for 2019?
PV: Just getting the album out and touring the shit out of it. We’re looking forward to going back to the States, we’ve got some unfinished business there, and Christmas, looking forward to that too.

2000 Trees Festival will be held on July 11th-13th 2019 at Upcote Farm in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Tickets for the festival are on sale now and can be purchased online from the official website (here).

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