VIDEO: Blood Youth – Parasite

Hardcore band Blood Youth have dropped an energetic, frantic live video for their track ‘Parasite’.

The video, a compilation of footage from shows over the last hectic 12 months, is the latest release from the band, whose debut album ‘Beyond Repair’ came out earlier this year.

Of the song’s creation, frontman Kaya Tarsus noted that it’s the about the animal that comes out when people are intoxicated:

Parasite is probably the heaviest song we have written so far! Lyrically it’s about how substances can radically change who we are as a person. The kindest people can turn into raging maniacs after a few drinks. I remember seeing it happen when I was in a bar. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and ended up writing the chorus on my phone that night!

‘Beyond Repair’ is out now and available from Rude Records (here), Amazon (here), and HMV (here).