TRACK-BY-TRACK: Core Of iO – Part II: Europa

As part of four EP release cycle, progressive rock crew Core Of iO are back with the second instalment ‘Part II-Europa for a continued onslaught of Deftones meets Oceansize style riffs that stanf up against Sikth for intelligent hooks. The band have delved into some deep topics on the new 3 track EP and use open and honest lyrics to create interesting and deep music for fans of dynamic music. We got Core Of iO to delve into the stories on their brand new release to find out as much as we could about ‘Part II-Europa.

01.) STUCK
‘Stuck’ is about being stuck in life approaching middle age before the mortgage and taking kids to the park on Sundays kicks in. With 9-5 for the next 30 odd years looming on your shoulders, you know it’s happening/coming but it’s unavoidable. Even if you wanted to get out of the rat race, take your family and go live in a forest somewhere you couldn’t because you would have to purchase the land. We’re all stuck in the race. Only the lucky ones find a way to free themselves.

This song is about how my grandfather’s (F/Sgt. G.E. Orange ) MK IV Sterling bomber was shot down over Holland on 19th September 1944 during WW2 whilst travelling back from a bombing raid over Germany. His plane ditched hard into the river Maas narrowly avoiding the town of Batenburg. The locals pulled him and two others from the wreckage, hid them in a secret room in a church for six months before dressing them in civilian clothing and helping to smuggle them back to England. This is a true story.

‘Lenuta’ is about that weird kid who used to stalk me when I was younger, 15 years later he brutally murdered Lenuta, a mother of two. He strangled her, stabbed her in the neck, wrote “Jack” over her body and took photos as a trophy. What a piece of s**t. I hope in 19 years when he’s released her grown up children will be waiting for him and let his first seconds of freedom be his last. This may be dark in places, but it’s my true feelings on the matter.

‘Part II – Europa’ is available on December 1st and you can pre-order it online via Core of iO‘s official site (here).

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