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VIDEO: We Are Enfant Terrible – Flesh ‘N’ Blood Kids

Indie rock trio We Are Enfant Terrible have just released their new music video for their track, ‘Flesh ‘N’ Blood Kids’. Check it out below:

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ALBUM: We Are Enfant Terrible – Explicit Pictures

Release Date: April 6th, 2011
Label: Last Gang Records


The ‘We Are’ prefix seems to be a pretty cool thing to have these last few years. I suppose it’s a way of saying, right from the off, “yeah, this is what we’re all about, and if you don’t like it, then you can bloomin’ well fudge off”. It can be pretty misleading though. We Are Scientists aren’t actually scientists, as far as I know. Again, the BBC Three comedy trio We Are Klang aren’t particularly klang, or maybe they are. I have absolutely no idea what the word ‘klang’ means. Anyway, Lille three-piece We Are Enfant Terrible are equally confusing when it comes to their name. As an utterly crazy mixture of both English and French, I found myself typing it into Google Translate – other, less-shitty internet translation services are available – and We Are Bad Boy came out the other end. Which I think, personally, is a much better name.

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VIDEO: We Are Enfant Terrible – Filthy Love

We Are Enfant Terrible have been tipped to make a name for themselves throughout 2011, and what better place to get there before the others than with their new single, ‘Filthy Love’. Check out the track’s accompanying music video embedded below:

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