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NEWS: Tom DeLonge launches space research company, To The Stars Academy!

Nowadays, Angels & Airwaves frontman and Blink-182 founder Tom DeLonge‘s interests and involvement with space and extraterrestrials is pretty common knowledge. He even won the Researcher Of The Year Award from the International UFO Congress earlier this year. Now, he’s taken his involvement into this side of his life even further.

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NEWS: Tom DeLonge has helped track down alleged sexual predators!

Though a lot of his attention in recent years has focused around the extra terrestrial, which resulted in him winning a UFO Researcher of the Year award earlier this year, it seems that Tom DeLonge, frontman for Angels & Airwaves and former member of Blink-182, has been focusing his attention and efforts elsewhere too.

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NEWS: Tom DeLonge & Travis Barker reportedly tease reforming Box Car Racer!

In a small series of tweets posted by Tom DeLonge (ex-Blink-182), it appears that he and Travis Barker (Blink-182 drummer) have been talking about their side-project Box Car Racer, which the two former back in 2001 to pursue darker songs and lyrical topics. At the time, whilst in Blink-182, they were more focused on their hit album, ‘Take Off Your Pants & Jacket’.

Through the project, the band released one self-titled full-length in 2002, which spawned the singles ‘I Feel So’ and ‘There Is’. They also toured briefly off the back of the record before disbanding the project in 2003, reportedly due to tensions between the two bands.

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NEWS: Tom DeLonge comments on emails recently leaked via WikiLeaks!

Just over a week ago, in their latest dump, WikiLeaks revealed several emails sent via current Angels & Airwaves and former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge that seemed to be regarding UFOs and alien life, topics that are well known to be a fascination of his.

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NEWS: Tom DeLonge reportedly emailed the Clinton campaign about UFOs!

The fascination that Tom DeLonge (ex-Blink-182/Angels & Airwaves) has with the existence of aliens and UFOs is well-documented and far from a secret. However, it has been now reported that DeLonge has sent cryptic emails regarding these topics to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton‘s campaign chairman, John Podesta.

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NEWS: Blink-182 head into studio next month to record seventh album!

Pop-punk favourites Blink-182 have announced that they’ll be heading into the studio this August to begin recording their seventh album, which will follow-up 2011’s ‘Neighborhoods’ and their first release since the departure of founding member Tom DeLonge earlier this year.

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VIDEO: Tom DeLonge – Circle-Jerk-Pit

Former Blink 182 man Tom Delonge have unveiled the video for his new track ‘Circle-Jerk-Pit’, lifted from his brand new LP ‘To The Stars…Demos, Odds And Ends’ which is out now (order here). Check out the video below:

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VIDEO: Tom DeLonge – New World

Former Blink 182 frontman Tom Delonge has unveiled the video for his new solo track ‘New World’, which you can check out below. The song is lifted from the upcoming album ‘To The Stars’ (pre-orders here), which is said to contain new Blink 182 demos:

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NEWS: Tom DeLonge allegedly working on 15 novels with accompanying soundtrack EPs!

With the recent Blink-182 and Tom DeLonge saga still far from over, DeLonge has recently made a post on Instagram to further explain his side of the story, stating that he is allegedly working on 15 novels, each of which will be accompanied with an EP soundtrack. You can read the full post below:

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AUDIO: Tom Delonge – New World

Former Blink 182 frontman Tom Delonge has released a stream of his new track ‘New World’. The song is taken from his upcoming new record ‘To The Stars’ (pre-order here), and it is yet unknown whether it is one of the Blink 182 demos which will feature on the album. Listen below and decide for yourself:

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