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SINGLE: Title Of Injustice – Left For Dead

Release Date: November 1st, 2008
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


In recent years, it seems the younger upcoming generation at times can create music that at times can even surpass the quality of their veterans. Underground and obscure acts are of no exception to the rule, and Title Of Injustice step up to the plate on such a challenge.

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LIVE: Title Of Injustice @ The Norfolk Inn, Stoke (13/10/2009)

Date: October 13th, 2009
Venue: The Norfolk Inn, Stoke-on-Trent
Support: Drederick Tatum, Hyde

Rating: 7/10

Website: None available

Title Of Injustice profile

The Norfolk Inn is soon to be shut down, and is hosting its last few gigs during October 2009; one of which being Title Of Injustice and others. All bands are going without a mixing desk or stage, and playing straight on the pub floor besides the bar, and straight through amps like a practice session would be.

Chester’s Drederick Tatum (***) set things off with a bang. Though the crowd size is minimal, vocalist Gary Challinor and bassist Tom Plant still insist on jumping into people and getting them involved and more lively. The band had to bring in a new replacement guitarist Shaun Hayes (from I, Said The Spy!) for the night, who doesn’t seem to have dampened the group’s tight sound during songs like ‘I Am The British Beyonce’. The lack of spectators though seems to restrict the band’s true potential and energy output.

Vocal duties go to a duo effort with Crewe’s 5-piece Hyde (***), bringing a more hardcore metal sound with different influences here and there. Songs like ‘Beers Galore And Girls On The Floor’ offer the crowd a more fun aspect to the whole heavy sound the night seems to focus on, and vocalists Nath and Shane trade roles swiftly like a married couple. Bassist Tom seems to enjoy going mental and twirling his bass in all different directions, almost taking people like it was a spear. Things go to apocalyptic for the band’s closer ‘There’s No Such Thing As An Outro’, with both vocalists jumping head first into the audience, bassist Tom rolling around the floor and slamming his instrument to the ground, while guitarist Daniel French soon chucking his guitar alongside it.

Another Crewe-based metal band Title Of Injustice (****) are set to finish one of the pub’s final nights off, and though do so with a title of justice. Drummer Mat Capper‘s ability, and the guitar works of Scott Chesworth and Rowan Eason overshadows their ages, and show that even the youngest of musicians can show promise for something in the future. Though not quite as energetic as the frontmen from the previous acts, Shaun Povall still manages to hold his own equipped with his strong vocals. At one point he climbs up on a set of stage speakers before jumping off in front of the small crowd, and gives an unnatural but comforting charisma. The crowd-participating ‘Enemy’ doesn’t draw much of an input from the audience, but none the less reveals a great songwriting ability the band owns.

Maybe not the most packed out of gig nights, and maybe not the most popular or well-kept venues on offer, but the local acts that played there that night have given The Norfolk Inn a send-off it should be more than proud of.

Written by Zach Redrup

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LIVE: Title Of Injustice @ De.Bees, Winsford (28/07/2009)

Date: July 28th, 2008
Venue: De.Bees, Winsford
Support: Laid To Ruin, Heartless, Drederick Tatum

Rating: 8/10

Website: None available

Title Of Injustice profile

If you want a surefire way to catch yourself in a moshpit, circle pit, or any sort of pit to that vain really then metal nights are the way to go. With the Cheshire area spawning off these brutal music groups more than rabbits going at it, it’s about time Winsford hosted one.

Tonight’s metal night openers Laid To Ruin (**) have the bare essentials down right; the loud screams and guttural lion growls, the fast galloping guitar riffs, and the heavy and dirty bass and drum combination, but lack the essentials to make them standout from being just ‘another local metal act’. Energy only comes in short little bursts, but when the most prolonged showing of activity comes along it’s in the form of frontman Ryan Nicholls (who we were told after writing this review was replaced that night by a friend of the band due to Ryan being ill) ridiculously smashing his fist (along with his microphone) into the head of what he later describes as a ‘friend’… odd friendship.

Needless to say, this sets an easy place for Heartless (***) to pull off something a little better for the locals. Having more of a hardcore sound as opposed to the more metal focused predecessors, they bring brings from earlier to a slightly new realm. The shortage of band to crowd communication leads to Heartless not getting too much of a reaction from the spectators but all the while still do themselves justice. Their set closer eradicates all of this though, with a member of the audience even jumping on stage and stealing the microphone to sing/scream-a-long.

Things are laid to waste entirely once The Simpsons boxer inspired deathcore novices Drederick Tatum (****) take to the stand. Their humourously titled songs like ‘In My Neighbourhood? I Don’t Think So’ and Friends referenced ‘Joey Doesn’t Share Food’ may at first seem to belie in comedy, but have a core and presence of pure anger, aggression and passion. This is all depicted and showcased through the explosion of frontman Gary Challinor, usually spending more time on the floor and moshing with the crowd and jumping off the stage – clearly giving it his all. What’s more, various members of the band have only just cleared themselves of the currently popular swine flu and still manage an appearance tonight.

High quality metal just keeps rolling on thanks to headliners Title Of Injustice (****). Coming onstage dressed in a Spider-Man costume, vocalist Shaun Povall shows a passion for the music he creates, and a stage presence beyond his years – being probably the youngest frontman to perform tonight. His screams and barks through a set with the likes of ‘Serenade In Smoke’ and ‘Left For Dead’ can put a lot of older local acts to shame. Accompanied by the dual guitar attack of Scott and Roca (who are again both fairly young), the band breathes a promise that sometimes those seen as the students can elevate to become the teacher. Sure, they’re not perfect and getting everything down like a 50p hooker, but a little more time and experience can give them the chance to fix that.

Written by Zach Redrup

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