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FEATURE: The MySpace Bands: Where Are They Now?

This month marks the 14 year anniversary since MySpace was born and released to the world, and with it becoming the birth place for many embarrassing photos, reasons to learn HTML, and bulletins of silly games. Back before the days when Facebook ruled the roost (yeah, we’re going back a bit now), MySpace was the social media daddy.

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LIVE: The Blackout @ The Irish Centre, Birmingham (03/10/2008)

Date: October 3rd, 2008
Venue: The Irish Centre, Birmingham
Support: The Medic Droid, We Are The Ocean, From First To Last


Sleep All Day, Party All Night is the name of the tour, commandeered and lead by Welsh post-hardcore upstarts The Blackout, and they’ve taken two American-based bands and a fellow UK act along for the ride with them. In the local pub-like appearance and layout of The Irish Centre in Birmingham, it seems like an odd looking place for a band set of this caliber to be playing in, but none the less they intend to party all night.

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