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EP: The Grace & Death Of Us – Elevate

Release Date: July 18th, 2011
Label: Unsigned
MySpace: None available


Southampton 4-piece The Grace & Death Of Us have crafted an EP that the music scene has been sorely missing. The days of when bands like Brand New created inventive, honest music that would always have a meaning to the listener are dwindling away. Only a few bands remain that create this type of music, and sadly, not all of them get the acclaim that they should. Of course, there are bands that do; Death Cab For Cutie and Biffy Clyro are two shining examples of how popular one of these bands can get, but for the rest of the crop, the future doesn’t look so bright. It’s pleasing, however, to know that there are a lot of bands trying to wake the genre back up. Tiger Please, Straight Lines and Cuba Cuba are examples of how talented these bands are, and The Grace & Death Of Us are no different to these three – on the basis of this EP, anyway.

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