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AUDIO: The Fever – We’re Coming In

Following their impromptu live debut on Independence Day, where the band performed out of the back of U-Haul truck in the car park of Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood, California, recently formed supergroup The Fever have now premiered their first song together as a band, titled ‘We’re Coming In’.

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NEWS: The Fever (letlive., The Chariot, Night Verses) make live debut!

After a couple of weeks of teasing online from the projects account along with those suspected to be involved, the recently hyped project The Fever made their live debut yesterday (July 4th 2017) in the parking lot of Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood, California.

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NEWS: Jason Aalon Butler (ex-letlive.) teases new project!

Back on April 28th 2017, Los Angeles based post-hardcore outfit letlive. regrettably announced that they had put their 15-year long career to bed; news that a lot of people across the scene were taken aback and shocked by and, let’s be honest a lot of people are still yet to get over. The band had released four albums, the last of which being 2016’s ‘If I’m The Devil…’.

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FEATURE: 50 albums that turn 10 in 2017!

A decade is, especially in the music world, quite a long time, even if it does seem to just flash by and feel like just a month. Ten years ago, back in 2007, things were very different; MySpace was still the kingpin of social media, Bring Me The Horizon were dodging bottles whilst supporting Killswitch Engage night after night, and Give It A Name and Taste Of Chaos were still a thing.

Along with all the nostalgic memories, 2007 was also host to a plethora of great records, some being the first major step for a lot of bands towards the lofty heights of their career that they’re revelling in today.

Of course there are hundreds, but we filtered together 50 great albums that turn 10-years-old this year to remember those modern classics.

NOTE: These albums may bring intense levels and high frequencies of smiles, jumping, involuntary head nodding/banging and limb movements, and uncontrollable happiness.

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NEWS: The Chariot stream farewell documentary, ‘Forget Not’!

Hardcore legends The Chariot have unveiled an hour long farewell documentary, which is entitled ‘Forget Not’ and documents the band’s final shows before their decision to split one year ago today (November 24th 2014). You can watch it below:

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SO YOU LIKE: Every Time I Die

The Deep South is an odd place, but it’s one that has given birth to some of the greatest bands around today. Southern infused metal has spawned Pantera, Hellyeah, and Lamb Of God to name a few. These are just some of the names that spring to mind but there are, of course, thousands more out there. In recent years, with the rise in popularity of hardcore music, Every Time I Die have come into their own. ETID‘s unique blend of southern guitar licks and whisky soaked twangs over devastating hardcore breakdowns and break neck ruthless riffs saw them explode over night. After 7 albums and many world tours, they’ve not let fame change who they are and they remain humble to this very day.

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AUDIO: Minor Crisis – Stomp The Page

New outfit Minor Crisis, which features former members of ZAO and The Chariot, have unveiled their debut single, titled ‘Stomp The Page’. You can stream and listen to the track below:

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NEWS: Josh Scogin (ex-The Chariot, Norma Jean) unveils new project, ’68!

With the ending of The Chariot earlier this year, ex-frontman Josh Scogin has gone on to form a new outfit ’68. Still somewhat shrouded in mystery, Scogin has unveiled a live video of himself on guitar and vocal duties playing an unnamed new track, which you can check out below.

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NEWS: The Chariot call it a day!

Hardcore heavy hitters The Chariot have announced that they are to split, releasing a video entitled ‘All’s Well That End Well’ to break the news. You can stream and check it out via the embed below:

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Well, 2012 has been one hell of a year. Thankfully, the world hasn’t ended and hopefully that’ll remain the same for these remaining few weeks, though 21/12/2012 is less than a week away now. Anyway, our survival has allowed us to be blessed with many great releases throughout these past 12 months, spawning from acts across the globe at many different stages of their career.

It’s been difficult to narrow them down, but together, DEAD PRESS! has managed to collate what we think have been the top 10 albums of the year. Have a look below and see what we think has made 2012 just that extra bit special and has surely set a benchmark for 2013 to up the ante:

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