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NEWS: The Aquabats! announce two UK shows in April!

Californian superheroes The Aquabats! have announced two shows to fit around their Groezrock appearance in April. Check the dates below.

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ALBUM: The Aquabats – Hi-Five Soup!

Release Date: January 18th, 2011
Label: Fearless Records


The Aquabats are back and are fighting sharks, poppin’ wheelies, hanging with their B.F.Fs and having a food fight on the moon! You would’ve thought that they’d have no time left to write music, but somehow they did, and in their spare time they made a album which is Devo for kids. ‘Hi-Five Soup!’ is the band’s first album since 2005’s ‘Charge!’ and the album showcases defintley a different side of The Aquabats lyrically.

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NEWS: The Aquabats announce new album details!

Costumed up as always, The Aquabats have announced details for their upcoming full-length album, including album cover artwork and full tracklisting. The album is entitled ‘Hi-Five Soup!’, and is set for release on January 18th 2011 through Fearless Records.

01.) The Shark Fighter!
02.) B.F.F.!
03.) The Legend Is True!
04.) Radio Down! [feat. Biz Markie]
05.) Poppin’ A Wheelie!
06.) Hey Homies!
07.) In My Dreams!
08.) Just Can’t Lose!
09.) All My Money!
10.) Pink Pants! [feat. Strong Bad]
11.) Food Fight On The Moon!
12.) Luck Dragon Lady!

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