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ALBUM: Sunn O))) – Kannon

Release Date: December 4th 2015
Label: Southern Lord Recordings
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Seattle’s Sunn O))) have had a weird musical career as of late. Though through making ‘Kannon’, the first album since 2009’s ‘Monoliths & Dimensions’, they prove that they’ve not stopped making music, despite creating collaborations or splits with Nurse With Wound, Ulver and Scott Walker in the mid-point. This understandably makes it a bit worrying for when the band have to go out on their own two feet and create their own album with no outside help.

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The purpose of our GETTING INTO features is to help give readers a place to get into bands you may have missed out on or bands who are less accessible. Well Sunn O))) (often stylised as just Sunn) are definitely the later. It’s almost easier to get into a secret society than it is to get into these drone metal pioneers. Much like its brother subgenre stoner metal, drone is all about slowing it down but bands like Sunn O))) and their influences like fellow Washington experimentalists Earth push the boundaries of drone metal to levels of avant-garde.

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