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ALBUM: Squarehead – Yeah Nothing

Release Date: September 19th, 2011
Label: The Richter Collective


Hailing from Dublin, Squarehead are a three-piece self-confessed garage pop band, evidently mainly influenced by The Beach Boys and The Beatles. It’s an interesting listen, as nowadays there aren’t many young bands around who play music like this. In fact, it’s rare to hear music like this being played on the radio now too, unless you tune in to certain shows. The majority of radio stations play the same, unoriginal, consumer-friendly pop/R&B/rap that the masses lap up in their thousands. But then there are those of you out there who miss quality, creative music and you’re resigned to tuning in at specific times and days, or just even go to your record collection for that one pleasurable hit that’ll get you through the day. A bit like a drug addict. But then, hasn’t someone said that music is a drug?

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DOWNLOAD: Squarehead – Baseball Ghost

Squarehead are kindly offering a free download if one of their limited edition tracks, titled ‘Baseball Ghost’. You can claim your free song in the embed below:

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