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NEWS: Betraeus and Spires to tour Ireland in March!

Prog metalheads Betraeus and Spires are set to go on a short run of dates across Ireland next month. All dates for the tour are outlined below:

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ALBUM: Spires – Spiral Of Ascension

Release Date: November 1st, 2010
Label: Unsigned


With a name like Spires, you’d be forgiven if you were to think they were an indie band or played any other genre of music that is harmless, fun or could even be classed as happy. The name isn’t the most technical, and doesn’t give you any sort of insight or hint into what the music itself is like until you actually start to play it. As soon as the opening chords of the first track ‘Equilibrium’ reach your ears, you know that this is a band whose name belies their sound. Its intro had me hooked; the Opeth/Dream Theater/Mastodon sound left me listening eagerly for more; and when vocalist Paul Sadler‘s eerie, melodic, dogmatic voice came in, it was obvious this is a band who have stepped away from the ridiculous element of ‘fashionable’ metal bands these days, which is naming themselves the most stupidly sounding name they can think of.

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