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DOWNLOAD: Songs For Sleepwalkers – Our Rehearsed Spontaneous Reactions (Album)

Having just released their debut album ‘Our Rehearsed Spontaneous Reactions’ earlier this week, Songs For Sleepwalkers are currently offering up the release on a ‘pay what you want’ scheme. You can claim the download or even simply stream the release through the embed posted below:

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ALBUM: Songs For The Sleepwalkers – Our Rehearsed Spontaneous Reactions

Release Date: January 10th, 2012
Label: Paper Wings Records


Whilst you probably shouldn’t, when you hear a band’s name you immediately expect to hear a certain genre or at least try to place them within one. Songs For The Sleepwalkers is a perfect example; the name would suggest an album of melodic, relaxed tracks not aiming to blow you away with catchy hooks and blistering riffs. This is just what you get from Swedish singer/songwriter Andrea Caccese and his first album, ‘Our Rehearsed Spontaneous Reaction’. But, rather than just slotting into a genre of post-rock/folk, he manages to stand out by using his musical ability to create an atmosphere on each song that surrounds you with a mellow vibe.

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