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PLAYLIST: Zombie / The Walking Dead

With the seventh season of AMC‘s hit horror drama series The Walking Dead pretty much at our doorsteps, premiering in the US and the UK over the next couple of days, we started cranking on our zombie and end of the world related tunes.

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NEWS: TDON 10 confirm line-up, including Send More Paramedics, Azriel and more!

Leeds based independent record label, Thirty Days Of Night, have just confirmed the line-up for their tenth annual all-dayer, TDON 10. The line-up will include the likes or reformed headliners Send More Paramedics, Azriel, Crossbreaker and Martyr Defiled. You can find more details below:

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ALBUM: Send More Paramedics – The Awakening

Release Date: September 18th, 2006
Label: In At The Deep End Records


Though this band clearly show some attitude in their work; their angry punk sound and feel especially obvious with the track ‘Follow Your Programming’ where the words “Fuck you!” are screamed almost from the first second, ‘The Awakening’ just comes off as an album which just gives off one thing all the time, and no variety in a record often makes it a boring one.

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