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EP: Sea Of Lions – I Overcame, I Survived

Release Date: September 4th, 2011
Label: Unsigned
MySpace: None available


‘I Overcame, I Survived’; such an appropriate title for a band whose demo had their name being thrown about as “another pop-punk band”. They have overcame that, and will most definitely survive.

This EP explodes into life with upcoming single ‘Pins And Crosses’, a raucous burst of noise which quickly transforms into intense, sharp blasts of melody with a roughly cut edge that Nirvana would be proud of. The vocals blast in to give this band something very different, but also very familiar, with Matt Bailey‘s clean, melodic voice being complimented by Jord Frogatt‘s almost Oli Sykes-esque screaming. The guitar riffs sound almost exotic, and probably being the biggest hint that these guys are heavily influenced by the likes of Futures and Deaf Havana. Overall, their rhythm is very controlled, but you couldn’t dare call this band tame, the band are able to trap the tempo and release it into a crescendo of intense melody. The five-piece from Sheffield execute every note of the opener perfectly, setting up the rest of the EP beautifully.

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