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ALBUM: Places And Numbers – Travels

Release Date: June 21st, 2011
Label: Equal Vision Records


Remember the good old days when we would write ‘songs’ on our keyboards? All you had to do was push a few buttons and you had a whole orchestra playing away, a crappy and tiny little orchestra, but an orchestra none the less. If you’ve ever watched Bob’s Burgers, then the character Gene is the perfect description for this. To us, our songs sounded like the music of the Gods, to our friends and family, they were pretty dull and annoying. After the age of 8, most of us moved on from creating the best music the world has ever seen, ever, and we discovered Lego. That was a good year. Others carried this desire on and became great artists, like RJD2 and Fatboy Slim, and some others discovered Depeche Mode, stayed indoors shrouded in darkness and wrote poetry.

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NEWS: Places And Numbers release debut album ‘Travels’ tomorrow!

Places And Numbers, solo project of Gatsby’s American Dream guitarist Bobby Darling are to release their debut studio album ‘Travels’ digitally tomorrow (June 21st 2011) through Equal Vision Records. The album artwork and tracklisting can be seen below:

01.) Places And Numbers
02.) I Had A Dream About A Nuclear Attack
03.) Waking The Dead
04.) WTF
05.) I Don’t Know What I’m Doing In This City
06.) Notes From The Dead Zone
07.) Travels
08.) Black Friday
09.) Like Lungs Love The Air
10.) The Music

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