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EP: Pinups And Pullouts – Chapters

Release Date: August 1st, 2008
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


If Bring Me The Horizon and the earlier work of Avenged Sevenfold had a one night stand and dumped the baby somewhere, then Manchester’s Pinups And Pullouts is the abandoned offspring, and it’s birth cry comes in the form of the new EP release ‘Chapters’. Three honed tracks compose what is an early display of what unheard small local talent isn’t going noticed in today’s music scene.

Opener ‘Take In Sand… Breathe Out Glass’ is the first push into the short mosh offering of ‘Chapters’, delivering everything you’d want from a half-decent metal song. Frontman Callum Galbraith doesn’t just stick to the monotone vocal work, incororating a range of high belting screams to lower growls making sure that variation isn’t something the band lack, and anger isn’t a one level approach. The lyrical content is a piece of evidence that not every metal song has nothing but negative messages, such with a line like “Tonight, we will live again”.

Bursting into an opening of chainsaw guitar work and blasting drum beats, ‘The Condemned’ ensures that the band aren’t letting down with the record for a moment yet, and that the party has only just started. Unlike a lot of upcoming metal bands on the underground scene nowadays, Pinups And Pullouts aren’t afraid to insert melodic sections in their music aswell as the heavy, with gang shouts here and there not going amiss either. Another moment of positivity sticks out in this track too, with the spoken lyrics “There was a time, when you said you’d give up the world for me / I know times change, but I still would”.

‘I Sleep With A Pillow Under My Gun’ closes the short ride that ‘Chapters’ brings with great justice. The song slowly works its way without blasting through things too quickly, sifting it into the listener’s ears like a cake was being made to utmost perfection. Parts of the track seem to outweigh the skill you’d expect from a band of this calibur, but still Pinups And Pullouts achieve such a feat, and do so with finese and prowess unlike most. The outro section is that of epic proportions, and brings the record to an honourable end.

They may not be in Kerrang! magazine every other week, and they might not be tomorrow’s rock poster-boys, but Pinups And Pullouts are ones to keep an eye out for, because with a release like ‘Chapters’ it’s no impossibility that all of the above could happen within the next year or two.

Written by Zach Redrup

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