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VIDEO: Paramore – Rose-Colored Boy

Having just wrapped up a headline tour of the UK to kick off their 2018, Tennesse based pop-rock three-piece Paramore have just dropped a new video for their track, ‘Rose-Colored Boy’. The song is the latest choice of single to be taken from their latest full-length release, ‘After Laughter’.

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TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 2017!

The past 12 months that was 2017 has been one hell of a year for music for so many reasons. Some of those reasons aren’t so great, as we all know, but in terms of new records, this year has delivered in absolute spades, both from bands and artists we’ve known and loved for years, and also shining new talent breaking through from the underground.

It’s always pretty tough (to put it mildly) to narrow down the cream of the crop from the entire year, but we sat down, racked our brains to the absolute limit, and have knocked into shape what we feel are the top ten albums of the year. So, grab a drink, take a seat, get nice and comfortable, and read on.

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VIDEO: Paramore – Fake Happy

In ‘Fake Happy’, a track and the latest choice of single to be taken from pop-rock trio Paramore‘s latest full-length effort, ‘After Laughter’, vocalist Hayley Williams offers up a frank and transparent confession of her, and indeed many others’, true emotions, displaying a veil of happiness when inside, things may be quite the opposite.

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NEWS: Hayley Williams (Paramore) covers ‘Accident Prone’ by Jawbreaker!

Ahead of their appearance at Chicago’s Riot Fest over the weekend, Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams grabbed an acoustic guitar and jammed out a little impromptu cover of ‘Accident Prone’ by Jawbreaker in the back of the band’s tour bus.

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NEWS: Paramore announce UK tour for January 2018!

Tennessee chart-bothering pop-rockers Paramore were touring on UK shores not too long ago, and now the trio have announced that they’ll be coming back once again at the beginning of next year to continue promoting their recently released full-length effort, ‘After Laughter’.

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NEWS: Hayley Williams & Chad Gilbert announce break-up!

After almost of decade long relationship, which included a marriage since February of last year, pop-punk couple Hayley Williams (Paramore) and Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory) have publicly come forward to announce that they have broken up.

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NEWS: Paramore perform new singles live on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Riding high of the boom from their recently released full-length effort ‘After Laughter’, Tennessee pop-rock trio Paramore appeared on performed a live set on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (May 18th 2017), where the band performed recent singles ‘Hard Times’ and ‘Told You So’ along with their 2014 summer hit, ‘Ain’t It Fun’.

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NEWS: Paramore announce Parahoy Cruise Festival will return in 2018!

Days after releasing their long awaited album ‘After Laughter’, Paramore have announced that their party/festival/cruise Parahoy will be making a comeback next year, and will likely feature some pretty strong household names on the lineup.

The voyage, which takes place over 4 days, will depart from Miami before making a round trip to the Bahamas.

The news was announced via Twitter:

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ALBUM: Paramore – After Laughter

Release Date: May 12th 2017
Label: Fueled By Ramen


Change in life, no matter how hard that may be to accept at times, is an inevitability. As we grow as people, so does almost every aspect of what makes us the person that we are. Music is absolutely no different, and, though a change in a band’s style is likely to come as part of their evolution, a distaste and resentment for such a dichotomy in a band’s career is not only needless, but ultimately redundant. One such band who’ve been subject to feedback from creating said unintentional division is Paramore.

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NEWS: Paramore settle legal dispute with ex-bassist, Jeremy Davis!

Today is a pretty big day in the Paramore camp. Along with releasing their brand new full-length album ‘After Laughter’, the follow-up to their 2013 self-titled effort, it is being reported that they’ve also settled their legal dispute with the band’s former bassist, Jeremy Davis.

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