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ALBUM: Out Of Sight – Where Do We Go From Here?

Release Date: July 5th, 2010
Label: Slam Dunk Records
Website: None available


Sugary bubbly pop-punk is the usual choice of genre during the summer, with their happy vibe on sometimes a little less happy lyrics making all for a good time in the sun with your friends. Sadly an overflow of these bands has been constant in recent years, and now individuality or at least quality needs to be on the forefront for survival. Out Of Sight don’t apply to the former of the two, but they do the latter.

‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ has been a long time coming full-length for the pop-punk four-piece, with their last release beforehand being their ‘Something Created By Belief’ EP in 2006. If time is what was needed to create this full-length though then it was more than worth it.

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