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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Of Allies – Fragments EP

Yorkshire four-piece Of Allies are a young band blazing away on the campaign trail to make themselves superstars. 11th May saw the release of second EP ‘Fragments‘ which has been welcomed with open arms among the alternative rock scene. To celebrate its release, we talked to vocalist/guitarist Rich Nichols about the meaning behind each track on ‘Fragments‘.

This song kind of came out of nowhere. I wrote the main intro riff at home on an acoustic guitar just by fiddling around really. I took that to the band and we fleshed out the rest around it. I wanted the contrast between heavy and light to be severe which I think we achieved. The lyrics, as always, came after the music although I already had a topic I wanted to write about which suited the song.

02.) 0NE19
ONE19‘ came about from wanting to write something a bit faster and hard hitting that would also be quite short. The intro and verse where again written on acoustic guitar at home and was then taken to the band. As soon as Dan (drums) started playing along to it, we all knew we had something special. We pretty much finished it during one practice but chopped and edited for about a month. The vocal part was really tricky to write as I wanted something staccato and catchy in the verse and sing along in the chorus. I think it fits in nicely with the current British rock sound and it’s a song we’re all really proud of.

The main riff to ‘Tempers‘ was actually one of the first things I wrote for Of Allies. It was a fun song to put together at practice because we had so many ideas on where we could take it. It was significantly heavier than anything else we where doing at the time so we didn’t include it on the first EP. It’s always been a live favourite though. Definitely some Deftones influences in this one.

Old Bones‘ was the first song we wrote for the ‘Fragments‘ EP. It was written at band practice and had a lot of changes made to it before we where happy. I really like the guitar interplay in the verses and the dynamics and structure of the song.

I was thinking about what sounds defined us as a band and what it was that made us sound like us. The song really only comprises of two parts; a verse and chorus. I’d been playing with delays and reverbs and played the parts to the band. They loved it and jumped on it immediately. Tom (vocals/guitar) added a great hook, Dan worked out the dynamics and Nick (bass) pulled it all together. We pretty much instinctively wrote it by going round and round jamming over it and trying different things. Once we had the parts sounding right, we structured it and played it. We where all pretty surprised we’d come up with it actually!

‘Fragments’ is out now. You can buy the album on iTunes, Google Play, or hear it on Spotify.

You can follow Of Allies online on Facebook.

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NEWS: Of Allies announce UK tour dates!

Alternative rock quartet Of Allies have announced their ‘Fragments’ tour, which will take place across April, May and June of 2015. This is in support of their new EP, out May 11th, and all the dates can be found below:

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VIDEO: Of Allies – ONE19

Yorkshire based alternative rock quartet Of Allies have released the video for their new single ‘ONE19’. The bands upcoming EP ‘Fragments’ is released May 11th, and you can check out the video below:

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NEWS: Of Allies confirm new EP, ‘Fragments’, out May 11th 2015!

Yorkshire based alt rockers Of Allies have now confirmed details of their upcoming EP, titled ‘Fragments’, which is scheduled for release on May 11th 2015. You can take a look at the release’s artwork and full tracklisting below:

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VIDEO: Of Allies – In Screens

Yorkshire based alt rockers Of Allies have just unveiled a music video for their new single, ‘In Screens’, following its premiere on Kerrang! earlier this week. You can stream and watch the video below:

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NEWS: Of Allies confirm debut EP, ‘Tempers’, out July 7th 2014!

Yorkshire based alt rockers Of Allies have confirmed details of their debut EP, ‘Tempers’, which has been scheduled to drop on July 7th 2014. You can find the EP’s artwork and tracklisting along with a stream to one of the songs below:

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