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EP: Not Another Code Red – When The Lights Go Out

Release Date: July 18th, 2010
Label: Unsigned


Not Another Code Red are yet another one of those small unsigned UK bands, trying their best to make it to ‘the big time’ by writing music they think is kickass and playing show after show wherever they can grab one. With any new band, getting that first EP up and out there is a big thing and can help them get places just as easily as it can lead to their demise. Your recorded package is generally your first impression upon people, and in the music business first impressions mean a lot. First impressions with ‘When The Lights Go Out’? For the most part positive.

The pop-punk/alt rock with electro inserts isn’t often executed well, either being far to driven on one side or the other and turning into a confusing mess, or if not just sounds flavourless and lacks ideas. Not Another Code Red are more towards the path of a successful attempt at the sound.

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