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ALBUM: Nekromantix – What Happens In Hell, Stays In Hell

Release Date: August 2nd, 2011
Label: Hellcat Records


Psychobilly is a genre that shocks and terrifies me. Why it was invented is beyond me. It’s like someone accidentally played Elvis Presley and the Sex Pistols at the same time and thought “YES, THIS SOUNDS GOOD.” One band that you may know from the genre is The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, who disappointingly broke up earlier this year. Nekromantix are kind of like a less terrifying version of them, despite being around longer than them in the psychobilly scene. The thing they’ve got going for them is lead singer Kim Nekroman‘s “coffin-bass”; a custom made double bass in the shape of a coffin with a cross for the headstock. Whilst it looks pretty cool, I can’t really notice the difference between it and a regular double bass. If you want a quick idea of what it all sounds like, picture Megadeth‘s ‘These Boots’ cover mixed with a Volbeat song, played by your granddad. In fact, if your granddad is a crazy old hick that drives along in a rickety old hillbilly car then that’s even better.

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